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      Why Videos are an essential ingredient for a successful eCommerce website.

      • Posted On: June 20, 2014
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      In this age of Digital Marketing and eCommerce, having a video on your website is crucial.  With the massive growth in Video Social Media and other Video streaming sites, any business, organization or cause can harness it’s power; these sites are no longer just for watching funny cat videos.

      There are several reasons why having videos is beneficial and how they impact your rankings and sales.  I will explain why eCommerce website builders such as Iffel International highly recommend them.

      Expansion of online Video use

      YouTube has north of 1 billion user accounts and is the second largest search engine on the planet behind Google.   Similar video hosting platforms such as the sleeker site Vimeo are seeing continuous growth alongside Video Social Media (VSM) sites like Instagram and Vine. This means that if these sites are correctly utilized you are opening yourself up to much more exposure by having a much larger audience which translates to many new potential customers.

      Google shows favoritism

      A website with a video is 4 times more likely to rank than one without.  Google no longer prefers static, text based websites but instead is much more inclined towards video.  The higher ranking given to the website with video is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  A few years ago Google actually purchased YouTube (yes, that means the 2 largest search engines their nearest competitors can’t hold a candle to are actually part of one company) and integrated YouTube’s video into its search queries.  This fact means a website with a video has additional advantage in that it will be more likely found near the top of the page in a Google search.

      Content MUCH more easily absorbed

      How many consumers out there would prefer to watch a 2-minute video to reading 2,000 words?  The majority!  Consumers want more and more information in their decision making process but are getting less and less willing to work for it.  Video is simply a more engaging and effective medium.  80% of online consumers say that they remember a video they’d watched in the last month and 46% took specific action after viewing!

       Visitors will stay on your site longer

      Consumers busy browsing the Internet are happier visiting an eCommerce site with an embedded video. They’ll be more likely to actually stop and watch a video than to see a wall of text they’d skim past.  The time a visitor spends watching your video gets tracked by the search engines, contributing to the SEO algorithms that rank you higher.

       Product Credibility

      Even though eCommerce has catapulted in popularity, people still value intimacy.  Body language and emotions are contagious and a video conveys more intimacy than a passage of descriptive text.  Seeing someone’s face and hearing them speak also gives a lot more information and believability to the product.  In any event, no one is able to connect with their audience 24 hours a day so having a video could almost make it seem you are there at anytime increasing brand credibility.  Perhaps this is why 90% of online shoppers say they feel more comfortable purchasing from a website with videos.

       Competitors are using Video

      Being competitive means being one step ahead of the competition at all times.  If your competitors aren’t already using video then chances are they will be soon.  Anyone with a superior visible reach will be converting all those potential customers that could be yours into their own.

      In conclusion

      Short and sharp:  A video is an essential element to any eCommerce website in 2014 to make an impact on rankings and sales.

      To connect with the vast amount of consumers that use online video platforms that your company and brand can use interactively to increase sales is just using common sense. Google being favorable to websites with video and visitors staying on your website for longer because of video that reflects in rankings prove an inescapable digital bias.  Video material is much more digestible than text and gives the product and brand much more credibility.  All of these reasons as well as needing to keep ahead of your competitors are why you need to speak to Iffel International about helping you get video content on your website today.

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