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Online Marketing by integrating Rent a CMO and Marketing Department

Optimize your position applying Google recommended methodologies. The number one priority for all online marketing tasks is to drive traffic to your website. A website represents the brand and is the ultimate vehicle in delivering the company’s offer to its’ customers. Now, what is online marketing?

The website is the engine and it needs to respect two target audiences, Google Robots and your customer base. At the end of the day the structure of the website has to be done right so that the “fuel” you apply i.e. online marketing is a suitable fit for your business. Just because Joe down the road is doing social media does not mean you have to….especially if your businesses are different.

Online marketing consists of an ongoing monthly set of tasks involving, social media, keyword building, blog writing, domain back linking, social commenting and for some business models, eMail marketing and much more. It is vital for a business to apply the fundamentals in marketing principles into its’ online marketing tasks.

To do online marketing well, it has to be an integrated approach, working each function in isolation will not result in anything significant.



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