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      Cross Plaform App Developement

      Almost all computers used in homes are installed with Microsoft Windows, and when they entered the mobile market, it was a great hit. The Windows Mobile Operating System (OS) almost brought the computer-like experience into the ordinary mobile phones. A report states that Windows Mobile OS is one of the largest installed operating systems on the mobile and handheld devices. We, at Iffel, love to work on Windows projects as it is very challenging and can be used across Windows powered devices.

      More about Windows mobile app market:

      Windows mobile app market is one of the top mobile apps in the market, and it is also considered to be the best for people who prefer Microsoft. Windows Store has more than half a million apps that generate a revenue of $217+ million a year. On an average, nearly 300 applications are published every day and around 180 apps are updated daily.

      What is our best?

      We believe that we are leaders and not followers, especially when it comes to mobile app development. Our developers are industry specialists and are very well experienced to handle every challenging project. We follow a unique pattern in every Windows mobile app development project. At Iffel, we offer the following services, and we call them our best.

      • Native Windows application development
      • Apps with creative and advanced functionality
      • Enhanced architecture and attractive designs

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