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      SEO Marketing is a science!

      • Posted On: September 22, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Employing an SEO firm may be confusing and a little daunting for non-experts. First and foremost, most business owners have no clue why they have a website and how they want it to work on major search engines. Before engaging in SEO services, a business with a website needs to established what its’ goals and objectives are to rank the site on the internet. Pricing for SEO varies, depending on the complexity of the website and its’ competitive keywords. Most business websites require several months of SEO engineering in order to see some form of traction – moving up the rank on Google pages. Doubts over cost may be troubling because it can get expensive with no immediate return on investment. SEO prices are determined by the type of service you are looking to invest in and, differ according to the unique needs and attributes of every individual company. The following factors must be considered when trying to evaluate the cost of SEO.

      SEO is not something every business website will require. A good SEO Marketing Agency will do an audit and analyze the relevant keywords for the business. Keywords in this case does not mean what you might think is an appropriate keyword but a true mathematical tabulation of thousands of keywords are computed to ensure that the right ones are picked to rank a website on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Ranking a traditional responsive website which is mobile optimized is going to be different to an eCommerce website. Set-up for on page optimization is one part of the process and the rest is the engineering for off-page optimization. It is important to go through a strategic planning process with your SEO Marketing Agency, Iffel’s FMP process is designed to capture the “path of least resistance” offering clear strategic ranking outcomes for the specific website type.

      Iffel’s SEO Director and his team have come up with winning ranking methodologies which are seeing some company keywords rank as fast as 6 weeks on Google of recent times, when traditionally this use to take 6 months. Whilst this is not something that is guaranteed, we are very encouraged with the results we are seeing for Localized SEO. Localized SEO is designed for business only websites, which have a business physical address, without this the process cannot begin. The flip side to Localized SEO is Globalized SEO and the engineering behind the scenes for Globalized SEO is very different to Localized SEO. If you are not sure what type of SEO your business requires, Iffels’ SEO team can help. The importance in understanding the difference and applying the right strategy for your business could save you thousands of dollars both in the short term and long term.

      On average, a monthly retainer can cost anywhere from $250 to $10,000+, project pricing from $600 – $20,000 and, hourly prices ranging from $76 up to $500. Depending on the calibre of the SEO Marketing Agency off course! You pay what you get for and if you are not seeing tangible results, something is not right. There are best practice methods for SEO and if not done right your business can loose its position on Google within seconds. Link building alongside site authority building is critical and if you don’t understand it, don’t feel bad this is certainly the “science” and “engineering” in the world of online marketing. If you need solid SEO work done, contact us at Iffel International – sales@iffelinternational.com

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