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      The Role of CMO’s with Change – The Sales Engine Part 1

      • Posted On: March 22, 2017
      • Category: CMO Tips
      • Posted By: admin

      CMO Chief Marketing Officer

      Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO) have had to really change their thought process (frame of reference) in sales and marketing strategy. Why? Because of the the aggressive and fast paced nature of the internet and eCommerce (electronic commerce). For the first time we see in marketing and management teams, human talent from a real cross section of inter generational executives all working together! Your would have heard the term Millennials, Gen-Xer’s and Baby Boomers – well they all have to work together in the workforce!

      Each generation continues to fight for that control over what is right from wrong. The ME ME ME generation repeats itself in a different form with the Millennials, originally the Baby Boomers. The youngest baby boomer is now 53 years old and the oldest millennial is now 35 years old, the Gen-Xer’s are sandwiched in between. Put all three generations in a strategic marketing meeting and you get opposing reactions to what is right from wrong.

      Traditional sales and marketing models were built on relationships – face to face relationships. In a recent meeting this was style of doing business was raised and the millennials in the room said YES we do it too but referred to FACE TIME on their SMARTPHONES! The faces of some of the older executives were priceless, it was a clear defining moment of where the gaps are and the challenges CMO’s are faced with in managing teams, creating winning sales and marketing plans and implementing a successful campaign.

      Lets face it back in the days, relationships matter or maybe the lowest price won the business! B2B business models such as manufacturers have relied on wholesalers, distributors or retailers to promote and sell to the final end user but now the opportunity is real for everyone to connect, talk and brand direct to the end user. Be it through a branded website or a 3rd party website, this is all made possible and done at a very fast pace.  BUT HOW? Throw away direct mail or telesales from your thought process – thats what the new CMO’s are telling the older ones. Who do you believe the CMO who has had over 40 years experience, or the CMO who is a millennial or Gen-Xer, with less experience but has been raised and exposed to the internet all their lives?

      There is no question eCommerce or internet marketing also known as online marketing is critical. In fact it will be “IT” in the very near future (and this article is not even going to begin to touch on mobile apps), signs of brick and mortar shut downs are happening and very real. The sales and marketing strategy is changing and everyone has to either change or adapt to this phenomenon. There is a real need for ALL CMO’s to value and assess the opportunities in retaining traditional sales techniques and adding sales to the revenue line using the internet. The danger here is CMO’s have to understand the full picture on how to apply marketing theory to creating a sales engine on the internet.

      Marketing on the internet is not just doing one thing and not the other. It encompasses all facets of online marketing – website design and development, SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Vlogging, Back Linking and much more… Imagine it this way, that the internet is that super fast highway and you are trying to get your business on it. You need a vehicle to race on this highway. To do this you need a car, a form of transportation, an engine that has the power and capacity to keep up and race with your competition. This is your website. Many CMO’s assume that a website is simply a number of pages, outlining the company and products and possibly some services. Well that is partially true but the truth is the Website is the engine, the sales and marketing engine that is there to carry your information about your brand, your products and services along on the super fast highway. So are you building a super fast car or are you interested in just a smaller engine vehicle that chugs along?

      Many CMO’s also forget that it is important to have a dashboard to know how fast, how much traffic there is and how much fuel is available in the car – this is where Google Analytics becomes vital. Not only is it free it provides CMO’s with lots of meaningful data, real time data  that can be used to either enhance the website or eliminate certain strategies that are not working.

      Website design has to start with a marketing plan, at Iffel International we have fine tuned our signature product FMP which is designed to offer CMO’s with a Functional Marketing Plan that is enriched with the intelligence and data required to structure a solid custom website, designed to compete on the super fast highway. It is a solid blueprint that outlines the customer and the competition but specifically from an online perspective! It is a functional document that reveals strategy opportunities after dissecting keyword structures, analyzing SEO rankings and much more. It provides one clear deliverable as to what the website site map should look like and how the online marketing strategy should look like. It can also be designed to enhance an existing sales infrastructure which compliments or as a secondary effect adds value to an existing sales team.

      So now we have the car, the sales engine – every car needs fuel to move forward. Part 2 talks about the fuel to fire up the sales engine. It will go deeper into how the website churns and when it churns how to get you moving on the super fast highway the internet. For more information on how to construct a website applying marketing strategy, make an appointment with our CMO who will be more than willing to guide you through a robust technical and commercial procedure. Click HERE for our contact info.


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