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      Q1 2017 Marketing Seminars by Iffel International

      • Posted On: January 12, 2017
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      January 2017

      Digital Marketing is a key business development tool but many business owners still aren’t sure what needs to be done. The process of working through marketing agencies can be very intimidating, this seminar has been designed to coach business owners on how to monetize online marketing campaigns with the sole purpose of growing a business using the internet. There will be a segment on the benefit of having mobile apps and the process to get an app developed.

      Mission Viejo Digital Marketing Seminar

      February 2017

      Iffel International has been a partner with the Office of Foreign Trade in Riverside for almost 4 years now. Hema Dey has been an active contributor to the county’s educational programs, coaching and mentoring business owners in how to export using eCommerce. This event is being put together to bring a focused group of eCommerce businesses to discuss trends, opportunities, methodologies on how to effectively expand a business through eCommerce both domestically and internationally. Hema Dey will be moderating the event with a panel of other eCommerce professionals, business owners and companies like UPS.

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