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What comes to your mind when you see We Truck It All?  Never assume anything when working with Iffel International. We have great minds to take the construction sector to different heights using online marketing. We Truck It All is the brand we worked with but the actual company is Monzon and Sons, a family owned construction trucking business in Los Angeles, California.

WeTruckItAll.com is a great B2B marketing case study that demonstrates that “stuff” does not have to be all sexy to be marketed on the internet. Construction trucking is a huge sector in Los Angeles at the moment with buildings being built downtown, bridges being reconstructed in Long Beach e.g. Gerald Desmond Bridge Long Beach – and not to forget the development of new infrastructure in preparation for the Olympics. We took something that was non-existent, meaning a pretty shabby website and turned this into a branded industrial website that talks to buyers who need construction trucks, towing of heavy duty tractors or a flatbed trucks. We are also introducing other trucking companies that do not have the fleet of trucks they require to work in partnership with Monzon and Sons. It is important to understand the the sector does not command a huge level of marketing but if done right, it makes it easier for decision makers to understand what WeTruckItAll.com is all about.

We pride ourselves on B2B marketing solutions for the industrial sector, including manufacturers of all types. For more information on how you can create a sales pipeline using B2B online marketing techniques contact us today.

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