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      Perspective and Focus – 2018 To 2019

      • Posted On: January 11, 2019
      • Category: CMO Tips
      • Posted By: iffelinternational

      2019 Online Marketing Strategy

      Iffel International Inc. has had an eventful 2018, very eventful and successful. From the explosion of Blockchain technology to keeping up to date with each Google update to closing in on SEO to Sales results with our key clients, Iffel never slowed down and will not be slowing down any time soon in 2019.

      Our SEO to Sales team worked hard all year to ensure that our clients saw profitable new business via an increased and focused online presence. We’re proud to share that several of our clients reported record growth and expansion in 2018. Iffel had the distinct pleasure of seeing one client open a new office in Orange County, another client creating a whole new division within their business, and multiple clients increase their closed sales and commissions at healthy profits. We also obtained international SEO to Sales cases from New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, and Africa.

      Iffel spent a great deal of time continuing our unending education on Google updates, how to remain SEO compliant, and reviewing the ADA compliance issues. Why is this continued mastery so important? There were 3.7 million searches made on Google every minute of 2018.

      We are also keeping a close watch on Bing, who is climbing up their fallen performance over the last few years. SEO compliance, however, is vital for maintaining Google rankings, which is the most dominant front runner in search engines! The bottom line is, if you aren’t ranked, then you aren’t visible on the internet; no visibility means no new leads and no new business. We did extensive research on the types of content that work (and those that don’t), competitor benchmarking, and how CMO’s need to correlate branding with SEO for optimal performance. If your CMO is not correlating branding with SEO, fire them!

      Additionally, Iffel had the honor of leading a round-table Go Global program for manufacturers in the Inland Empire. The Office of Foreign Trade in Riverside County recognized our commitment to assisting manufacturers in the USA export, grow, and flourish. They humbled us with a letter of appreciation and gratitude for “being such a great resource for businesses in Southern California.” Riverside Office Of Foreign Trade Thank You Letter to Hema Dey

      Going into 2019 Iffel encourages all businesses committed to growing by using the internet to review their SEO to Sales plan. Not having a plan is the same as planning to fail. Scattergun strategies will dilute budgets and waste time to market. Not only can we help companies market themselves, but we can also audit the sales process. All businesses can benefit from content strategy and audits; the key is determining what is working for you and what isn’t. Furthermore, one cannot know too much about Google compliance!  Iffel will continue to offer Google compliance and SEO to Sales seminars to keep professionals up-to-date on all recent changes. If you are interested, Sign Up here.

      The discussion Hema Dey had with CBS News, about many different key concerns the United States currently faces, stirred up emotions and new ideas. Keeping in mind that Iffel was founded in New Zealand before being moved to the USA, Iffel International confirms adding a new service for Kiwi exporters in 2019. Iffel will branch out to offer a full turnkey service for immigration, marketing, and supply chain solutions for New Zealand companies. “We are here to help New Zealand companies legally and effectively penetrate the American market” says World Class New Zealander and President of Iffel Hema Dey. Trump’s immigration favor towards Kiwi companies is something that we see as an advantage to help with exports from New Zealand to the USA.  For more information on this, email us here.

      Similarly, we will also be expanding the number of topics covered in our local training seminars.  We find that many business owners are so lost in their understanding on what needs to be done to be ranked on Google, what the biggest pitfalls are when creating a new website in relation to search engine requirements, why and how content is super important in creating a presence on the first page of Google, and the list goes on.

      Iffel International Inc. provides strategic marketing and online business development services. We don’t have a cookie cutter solution; we listen and study your business to create a custom SEO to Sales strategy. This plan will be implemented and monitored with one key deliverable: SALES.

      We review growth strategies using online marketing for domestic and international markets. Contact us HERE to see how Iffel can help make 2019 a year of marked growth for your business.

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