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      Online Marketing Consultants – Are You Investing Correctly?

      • Posted On: January 16, 2017
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      This is our 11th year in business and the more we encounter issues with online marketing, the different problems business owners are having and what is required to be done and invested financially (as per the guidelines from Google), the more we want to emphasize the importance between investing in online marketing consultants versus when it is costing you with not much return on investment.

      How many of you have decided, great I want to have a website and I will get rich just having my website go live? Let’s just review your thought process here, you will get rich by just having a website is complete nonsense! So stop right there. Yes you will see many advertisements for websites to be designed and developed for cheap, but what they don’t tell you or don’t fully get is that a website design starts with a marketing strategy. If you don’t have a marketing strategy how on earth are you going to know what your website is going to look like? We have seen many business owners go down the path of the Do It Yourself (DIY) mentality, crash and burn because the website looks bad and isn’t a revenue generator. By this time, it becomes a SOS situation and the online marketing consultant gets the run down, plays the role of a therapist and is suppose to do it all for FREE. WRONG!

      We all have our skill sets and yes whilst it looks easy on the outside to do online marketing, first of all if you are not a marketer and second if you don’t know how to rank your website on Google, get someone, a human talent that knows how to do it well. Yes this is call investing in online marketing consultants. The previous model was costing you time, it was making it very hard for you to do what you do best and instead you spent hours on something that at the end of day did not work! Everyday is an important day to earn revenue and think of the losses you have just made!

      What Not To Do

      When you meet with online marketing consultants who are genuine and dedicated strategist in his or her field, don’t insult them by saying you want it all for FREE. Or you have been burnt by the previous agency and so you have to demonstrate success first before payment is made. It simply isn’t fair. The decision you made to go with the bad guy is not the fault of the better online marketing consultant. So don’t insult a true professional. Be honest off course but don’t assume everyone is as bad as the bad guy!

      Don’t assume that online marketing consultants are going to be a miracle worker because this is not about miracles. There is a science and art to online marketing and if you cannot commit to the workload or the investment, don’t waste anyone’s time. Do your homework, read up on trends, meet and review what your options are. Don’t pretend you don’t have a marketing budget because it shows clearly that you are not organized in your business and have zero interest in doing anything to increase leads or sales. If you don’t know what it cost to do marketing, find out what your specific industry trends average at, you can hit below that or above but try to be informed as much as possible.

      When you decide the budget is right and you commit, a glaring issue will be when no one communicates with each other regularly. A true online marketing professional will be reporting in if not weekly, definitely monthly on progress. Set some key performance indicators and a major one should be where do I rank on Google Desktop, Mobile and Maps? What are my keywords? What are my competitors doing? Can we start Google AdWords, how much should we spend per week?

      When you are investing here are some very obvious performance indicators:

      1. The online marketing consultant has taken the time to understand your business and your competition.
      2. There is a set communication calendar to lift and keep your brand top of mind
      3. That the strategy and technical requirements are collaborated, applying marketing to technical Google requirements
      4. The number of leads that come in either via phone or by email from the website
      5. Ultimately the biggest goal (this responsibility lies in your hands) is conversions into sales or retainers
      6. If your online marketing consultant is overlooking all of the above and implementing a customize strategy for you, you are investing wisely.

      Iffel International is a very strategic online marketing consulting and action oriented agency. What makes us different is simple, we care about the different marketing layers of a business and have the ability to apply the information into the world of Google. Clients who work in serious partnership with us have seen results. And don’t forget good things take time, don’t expect everything to happen overnight. Business relationships take time also to grow, to troubleshoot and focus on solutions to problems. For more information contact us at sales@iffelinternational.com, our initial consult is FREE with our Chief Marketing Officer, Hema Dey.


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