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      Motivational Speaker for Your Next Sales Conference

      • Posted On: April 03, 2019
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: iffelinternational

      Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

      Los Angeles, California

      Our CMO’s wanted to take this time to share with you a recent interview we did with Michael J. Levin who is a keynote speaker on leadership and sales.

      Michael is a dynamic public speaker but he isn’t the aggressive kind like Tony Robbins. As an ex-corporate with Pepsi and many more, he provides inspiration and motivates people with his signature topic Entrepreneurial Leadership. He has also written several books. At the end of the day, Michael, inspires, educates and motivates his audiences through the messages he delivers.

      We personally enjoyed Michael’s presentations, he shares what he has learned over his 30 years as an Entrepreneur, an Executive, a Consultant and a Coach. Michael delivers his points from his heart and has a really gentle but effective approach. He engages his audience not through Powerpoint but through interaction and connection.

      “Leadership and sales are two very important topics for growing businesses and if you are needing some new ideas, inspiration and motivation for your team at your next sales conference or executive team conference, Michael is great!” says Hema Dey, President of Iffel International Inc.

      As a resident in California, Michael travels to various different events, he gets booked up really fast so, make sure you get a message into him asap. You won’t regret it.

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