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      Are you mobile compliant?

      • Posted On: April 20, 2016
      • Category: SEO2Sales
      • Posted By: admin

      It has become even more pertinent today to review your website and online marketing to be mobile friendly, mobile compliant, mobile everything. In April 2015, you may have heard of Mobilegeddon a change announced by Google. This was Google’s cut off deadline for companies to get their websites mobile friendly. Many who did not comply have lost rank and now in 2016, it is even more critical that you do so. Why all the fuss? Many don’t understand why things keep changing and as the messenger, we often get a “black eye” ! In reality that is the one constant thing in our world of internet marketing and SEO, CHANGE! What may have happened last month may not apply this month, which is why you need to rent a CMO who understands this and can implement changes accordingly with a team of marketing executives. It can get overwhelming!

      How many of you business owners have a website that is static, where you don’t really know how many people are visiting your site daily? How many people are landing on which page and from which city or country? Most importantly how many are actually seeing your website on their mobile devices and getting turned off! Most analytics today will show that majority of visits come from mobile devices. Some marketers have opted (prematurely we think) to doing 100% online marketing for mobile only. It still has to be a hybrid targeting both desktops and mobile. But if you are not mobile compliant today, you are missing out!

      Do you know if your website is mobile compliant? If the answer is yes great….if the answer is no, we can certainly tell you at no cost. Just send us an email at sales@iffelinternational.com and we will take care of you.

      What else does one have to think about?

      We see many people now talking to their smartphones. Voice recognition as a technology has been refined and many choose to verbally dictate search topics. If you have not structured your keywords (these are still relevant) in such a way that make it simple for verbal recognition, your competitor’s name may be the first one that pops up. Some experts suggests having more words in phrases like what, why, who, where are all important.

      Have you caught up with Google’s changes in how they are displaying Google AdWords on each page? Did you know they have eliminated all the ads on the right hand side of the page? It is now tailored to suit the mobile world where the top section will be ads (if applicable) after which organic search features followed by ad listings again at the bottom. Does this mean SEO is less important? Not at all but your bids on Google AdWords need to be reviewed, search techniques have to be reviewed and your overall positioning has to be looked at.

      Content remains important as well, original content is critical. Release genuine blog articles on a regular basis to ensure that your in touch with what is happening in your industry. As painful as it sounds, there are companies like Iffel International who are able to assist you with blog writing, quality blogs which are relevant to your industry. For example why would a family law attorney talk about tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador? Yes it is an interesting topic but it has no relevance to the law firm.

      Social media is super important but many make a lot of “noise” meaning there is no real substance to the updates. Because we tailor our work for professional firms like attorneys, and CPA’s, or technology products, it is important not to be a noise maker as it does end up destroying your brand. There are plenty of articles that are written to give guidance, hot tips, advice, people like reading these. Share them and provide your insight. For example if you are an International Business Tax Accounting firm, talking about current affair topics like corporate tax inversions or FATCA, comes across more relevant and interesting than personal income tax fraud in the USA. Again it goes back to relevancy.  Should you use political issues in your statements? This highly depends on your personality and if you want to be vocal about your political mindset.

      At the end of the day, what remains constant is “CHANGE” in the online marketing world. You have no choice but to keep up with it or Rent a CMO and marketing department to do it for you and be your messenger. Drop us a note if you found this article useful.


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