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      Innovation in enriching consumer experience……mobile applications

      • Posted On: September 24, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      After a recent interview with Paul Motenko, former Co-CEO of Stacked Restaurants, I was eager to share his innovative customized dining experience. Using the iPad to interact with the kitchen, each table allows the consumer to carefully select their desired ingredients, creating their very own personalized dish. If a customer wanted a burger for instance, they have dozens of ingredients to choose from; be it lettuce, meat or an array of sauces. The consumer has therefore the ability to freely create their ideal meal. Create not only burgers, pizzas, salads and mac n cheese…..the list goes on and on.

      While mobile technology is expanding rapidly, iPads continue to enhance this type of consumer interactive setting. Paul has gone the extra mile, adapting his menu selection with nearly one hundred and fifty gluten-free ingredients, all of which can be selected on the table’s iPad. Being on a gluten-free diet myself, I was amazed by their gluten-free burger. The sauce, excellent meat and soft gluten-free burger buns were delicious! Something I had not eaten in a long time.

      Having discussed consumer demand and customer experience, Paul and I agreed that waiting in lines and providing quality food at affordable prices, were two important factors influencing quality of service. With that in mind, I considered the benefits of a wonderful new mobile APP (mobile application) called “Got Table”, to be launched in Southern California in the coming months. Customers can search for restaurants in real time on their mobile devices and, if a table is available, book immediately. Hence the name “Got Table”.

      “Got Table” was designed to create convenience and, to eliminate aspects that would hinder the quality of customer service. Executives for instance, can rest at ease when needing an immediate reservation for a lunch meeting or perhaps when booking a date that was not planned so well! Paul argues that, given the recent consumer trend, anything using mobile technology to help improve the consumer dining experience, will have huge potential in the next few years. There are many mobile Apps out there, Paul says, but the key is which one offers the best in terms of ROI for the restaurant.

      If you have not had the chance to visit a Stacked Restaurants, I suggest you Google it right here. Although I personally went to the one in Cerritos, there are four locations in Southern California. While many restaurants provide gluten-free menus, Stacked Restaurants offers an amazing one hundred and fifty ingredients to build your perfect meal. Additionally, Stacked is a fully licensed restaurant and can whip you up a tasty cocktail to accompany your meal!

      For more information check out their website here……If you have mobile applications which you would like to market, speak to us at Iffel International, we may be able to get you an audience depending on what kind of mobile applications you have developed. Email us at sales@iffelinternational.com

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