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      Law Firm Website Design: Where Street Art and Technology Meet!

      • Posted On: April 05, 2019
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: iffelinternational

      New Website Designed by Iffel International Inc.

      The inspiration for Gonzalez & Gonzalez Law’s new website came from a painting by Mexican Artist Victor Vega that was hanging in their office in Los Angeles’s Arts District. Iffel International seamlessly fused together the art, the client’s vision, and the critical web design technologies needed to create this total web renovation.

      It had been two decades since Gonzalez & Gonzalez Law updated their website. What the law firm needed from Iffel International was a full turnkey solution, which involved working with the client every step of the way.

      The first step was to scope the project. This meant developing a holistic understanding of Gonzalez & Gonzalez Law by studying the culture of the law firm and physically documenting the office environment through photography. From the very beginning, everyone’s wishes were included, not only that of the lawyers’ but of their family members as well.

      The next step was to take their visions and needs and blend them with Vega’s art and the web design to create a truly unique law firm website. This website not only clearly states the services and expertise offered at Gonzalez & Gonzalez Law, but adds personality that sets this website apart from all others. The client was involved every step of the way, even collaborating on which fonts were to be used on the website. Though every detail was thoughtfully considered, the project finished on time as the client wished to launch the website on the first day of spring.

      In addition to listening to the client’s needs and vision, Iffel International brought our expertise with user experience design and user interface design. The result was an astounding success:

      “Working with Hema and her team was a collaborator’s dream. Through the entire process, Hema walked us through each step and let us input our thoughts and vision of our dream site. Our previous website was designed back in 1998 so there was a lot of work that needed to be put in and redesigned for a modern touch.  Hema was extremely patient through all the revisions and our entire office is extremely proud of the final product and would highly recommend Iffel International for any business looking to create or redesign their website!” Zachary Gonzalez, Attorney At Law.

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