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      • Posted On: June 17, 2014
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Design is crucial for eCommerce websites.  Without a highly thought out and appealing ahead-of-the pack website your traffic be eternally vying with other competitors with subpar websites and sales will be suboptimal.  Design is paramount and so is having a website agency like Iffel International who are also seasoned marketeers who understand the selling game.

      Navigational ease and joy

      As well as having a sleek, clean design utilizing space attractively with appealing colors to draw in shoppers, ease of use is essential.  Iffel International is always selective when discerning appropriate features to be relevant depending on the industry the site is for.  But there are some core universal navigational features that make buying from a site more enjoyable and easier that leads to higher conversion.

      –       Reduced clutter – simplicity is key.  The site needs to be uncluttered and have a fine balance of relevant information and high visibility of links and also a very clear path towards checkout.

      –       Drop down menus – tabs need to be obvious and conspicuous.  But rather than having too many have only the most important ones that turn into drop down menus.  This organization gives the impression of professionalism as well as intuitive interfacing.

      –       Help and FAQ tab – always have a tab where shoppers can see a list of most FAQ’s to reference.

      –       Search bar – rather than clicking through the tabs and drop down menus provide a way to get to the products much quicker.

      –       Check out – the most important!  Always have a very clear path to your check out!  Once decision is made to purchase, you need to have all distractions removed.  REMOVE forced logins and registrations!  Proceeding to checkout is the ONLY thing we want your shopper to do, this is no time for upselling.  It is a call to action!

      Product catalogue

      Some shoppers only want a picture, brief product description and price.  Others want detailed information.  Compromise!  Have a clean list of products organized with picture, brief description and price with a clear link to select for more a detailed description.  And remember most shoppers are visual.  Include an appropriately sized thumbnail of your product that when clicked enlarges to a large high pixel photo.

      Eye catching features

      Keeping within the rules against clutter, having an attractive and tidy slideshow that does not look tacky but elegant can increase sales.  Having images sliding by of randomized products in your catalogue will draw interest to a product that the shopper otherwise didn’t know was available.  This will also work in a basket showing a slideshow of items frequently bought with the product selected.

      Testimonials and reviews

      Integrate and disperse testimonials throughout the website including on the homepage.  If someone is not specifically seeking out user reviews then they will catch a glimpse of your positive feedback reinforcing trust.  This could be the small deciding factor that tips the scales favorably if weighing a decision to buy or not.  More importantly is individual product reviews on the product page.  This creates comfort for shoppers seeing that you can be trusted by having the option for a customer to review the item and they’ll be more likely to purchase.

      Choose Marketing professionals to build your website!

      Choosing a company like Iffel International who are just as seasoned in marketing and sales as they are in website design will give the CRUCIAL point of view from a selling perspective.  Your website is a sales vehicle at the end of the day.  It needs to be geared towards selling your products so working with a website agency that understands selling is really critical.  Iffel International has a serious background in international marketing as well as expert web designers at the apex of their game.  They know how to sell and they know how to build websites! Any agency without this synergy WILL be a suboptimal choice if maximizing your revenues and profits with your eCommerce website is your goal.

      To conclude

      To ensure you get the maximum benefits of having an eCommerce site you need to have an elegant, contemporary site that will enable this!  To navigate your website with ease and have it organized for more efficient use with a clear and unobstructed path to your checkout is imperative.  Having the right amount of information accompanying your products, eye catching features generating additional interest and customer testimonials are strong bets to escalate sales.  The most indispensable ingredient to eCommerce success however is a blend of sales and website design expertise which is what you’ll find at Iffel International.  A seasoned marketer knows the consumers psychology and what clinches the sale.  Therefore they are the ONLY qualified choice if you want a sales engine rather than just a website with products on it.

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