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      Riverside County and Iffel International Demonstrate Public-Private Partnership

      • Posted On: September 02, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      The Trade Commissioner of Riverside County, Tom Freeman, and the CEO  of Iffel International, Hema Dey, have formed a partnership; bridging a public and private sector synergy. Together with Commissioner Freeman’s aggressive plight for business growth in the Riverside County and Hema Dey’s background in manufacturing and marketing, the partnership has provided added strength and acceleration for both business incubators and, existing companies needing and wanting to expand business in the U.S.

      In Ms. Dey’s recent column in the Export Magazine news publication http://www.rivcoeda.org/Publication/EXPORT/Magazine%20May%202013/index.html#/10/, she discusses the numerous benefits that Riverside County has to offer. In particular, companies wanting a presence in the West Coast of the U.S can take advantage of Riverside County’s convenient location. Benefits include, close proximity to a major port such as the Los Angeles Harbor, the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and, the Southern California Freeways. These significant transport links provide businesses the luxury of importing and exporting goods with ease from one destination to the other. Furthermore, Riverside County is fortunately a Free-Trade Zone (FTZ) and as such, goods can be handled, manufactured and reconfigured for re-exportation, without downtime. Given that Free-Trade Zones are treated as outside American borders, companies are exempt from customs duties and inverted taxes.

      While Riverside County’s vast selection of industrial real estate provides a cost effective solution for businesses, the affordable housing and transport links create an invaluable global business friendly climate for domestic or international clients needing manufacturing and storage space. “This is the perfect location to set-up e-commerce distribution centers, especially given the trade growth predicted for the USA”, says Hema Dey, CEO of Iffel International.

      Iffel International is a dedicated team specializing in functional responsive website design and development, sales growth through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media and Online Advertising. “In an era where outsourcing provides fresh perspectives, innovation and success, Iffel is positioned to impact the bottom line for companies seeking outside marketing and business development. Iffel’s principal, Ms. Dey is a talented business leader with a flair for effective marketing in both commercial and niche arenas,” says Jeff Carter, VP of eMerchant Inc, Irvine CA.

      Ms. Dey is an advocate for brick and mortar companies; she stresses the need “to come to terms with the rapidly changing trend in consumer behaviour.” A staggering 10% (increasing daily) of consumers are moving from the desktop as a point of sale to smartphones and tablets. This drastic change calls for reinvention and if companies want to compete in the new technological world, they must change their sales tactics.

      The concept of having a warehousing facility to process and fulfil online sales is critical for a company’s success in the future. Therefore, having the right e-commerce platform in order to sell your products will be the first step in ensuring a businesses’ success in the long-run.

      For further information on how your company can optimize it’s sales on the internet using the latest technology on the market, and for more details on how to become a part of a projected $317 BILL sector, contact CEO of Iffel International, Hema Dey at sales@iffelinternational.com.


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