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      Foreign-Trade Zones – supply chain news, Riverside County, CA

      • Posted On: August 30, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Operating within a country’s Free-Trade Zone (FTZ) is immensely beneficial for manufactures and processors alike, offering costs advantages from a supply chain perspective. While domestic and international businesses can take advantage of the economic benefits, goods can be handled, manufactured and reconfigured for re-exportation without downtime. These ‘zones’, treated as outside American borders, provide companies a cost and time effective solution for either storage or distribution activities, reducing transaction costs within a supply chain model. The prominent benefits include the following:

      • Deferral or elimination of customs duties
      • Relief from inverted tariffs
      • Duty exemption on re-exports
      • Duty elimination on waste, scarp and yield loss
      • Weekly entry savings

      In addition, Free-Trade Zones can provide businesses with better security and insurance on their goods.

      Riverside County, in the tax driven state of California, has been a member of the Free-Trade Zone program for several years; becoming the ideal location for numerous domestic and international businesses setting up manufacturing and distribution. Talks between the CEO of Iffel International, Hema Dey, and the Riverside Trade Commissioner, Tom Freeman, highlighted the numerous efforts taken by the Riverside County in order to increase the region’s position as a key international trade and investment center. The county’s pro-active approach towards assisting and encouraging foreign trade and overseas investors with EB-5 investor visas, has allowed expansion for foreign trade and investment. Trade Commissioner Freeman further acknowledged the school of Foreign Trade and International focus within the region, for offering endless resources for both importers and exporter wanting to establish commerce within the USA.

      Manufacturing and distribution businesses have the luxury of importing and exporting goods within the USA, at little or no downtime.  Containers can be delivered within the Free-Trade Zone of Riverside County for storage, manufacture or reconfiguration without the hassle of costly customs duties and interference from government authorities. Riverside County is conveniently located near the major port of Los Angeles, thus goods can be quickly and easily transported to the Free-Trade Zone. Once the merchandise is ready for importation from the FTZ to the USA, customs duties will be applied.

      Iffel International is able to provide functional internet marketing service such as designing and developing websites which are optimized for mobile technology, SEO and Social Media. A key benefit which Iffel offers is gearing companies to sell on the internet a.k.a. eCommerce, which is predicted to be a $317 BILL sector by 2017. Hema Dey has had over 20 years domestic and international sales, marketing and business development experience. She is able to work with manufacturing and distribution type companies who have either work through B2B partners or want to sell direct to consumers. Hema and her team welcome companies who are in sectors such as technology, consumer brands, cosmetics, health and professional services. Companies are not able to function without understanding how to sell and need to understand transaction costs. Marketing is the glue between sales and the supply chain, and Iffel International offers a very hands on approach which is both consultative and “concierge” in nature.

      For further information on how the FTZ can be beneficial for your company, domestic or international, contact CEO of Iffel International, Hema Dey. Her background in manufacturing and marketing makes her a knowledgeable spokesperson for the FTZ program. hema@iffelinternational.com 

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