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      Exporting to the USA now – makes a lot of sense!

      • Posted On: November 02, 2016
      • Category: General Marketing Info
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      Export to USA

      awards-homeExporting to USA is what foreign CEO’s should be talking about NOW! With the US dollar being so strong, it makes sense for foreign countries to export to USA. Recent CNN statistics revealed that almost 60% of the US population feel that the economy is doing well. Admittedly the 2016 Presidential Election has turned heads when Donald Trump hits at the Obama administration for a failed economy both domestically and internationally. Unemployment statistics show a clear success story since President Obama was in power and confidence in consumer spending seems on the upside as well! On a more global scene, with Brexit and the British pound plunging, it really is timely for most manufacturers from foreign nations to look into expanding in the USA. It totally makes sense!

      If you have a product that is compliant with the US market and you are finding it difficult to get yourself established in the USA, this is where Iffel International can help. We have a private sector beachhead program, a team of professionals who are able to provide professional advice and services in on boarding new companies into the USA. GloCAL was established to give companies a private sector alternative to government run agencies, best suited for non-commodity based manufacturers who have specific needs and wants in matchmaking between buyer and seller. Please don’t misunderstand, we work with the US Government to ensure you are legally compliant but we do have the resources to tackle more complex and unique cases. GloCAL is an abbreviation for Global and Southern Californian professionals who have come together to provide a range of services from legal, international tax, logistics, eCommerce, sales and marketing and free trade zone advice. We work closely with government and immigration agents who are important in the trade matters with the USA.

      3 Top Tips on how to market to the USA

      Market feasibility study

      It is really important to understand how to position your product or services in the USA. Remember with 50 states, it is 50 mini marketing plans per state. It is a bit like someone saying, “eat that elephant!” Well it is not going to happen in one hit but with strategic market feasibility study, you can stage entry into different states e.g. California first, Texas second etc and make sure your strategy meets the needs of the consumers. Now off course if you are going after the buyer for a major chain like Walmart, Sams Club, Costco, or Cost Plus World, that is more about establishing where the head offices are, and they in fact will be test marketing in specific locations to test the demand and buy price with consumers. Iffel International is able to provide a feasibility study, with a structured market penetration timeline alongside a budget for promotions, press releases, US focused website, social media and if it is an eCommerce platform, the necessary set ups to ensure you fulfill your orders effectively.

      Test marketing

      If you don’t know for sure pick a product or two, test it out in a market where there is likely to be good demand for your product. At Iffel we are able to test marketing programs to ensure that the various variables in the composition of a sustainable marketing plan for the USA market is done with a high level of detail. Analytics from Google and also sales trends will be a good benchmark, offering factual real time market feedback for decisions in taking it to a full product launch.

      Logistics and Delivering to the US buyer

      Logistics is a major cost and efficiency factor that has to be mapped out when selling into the USA, prior to the test marketing phase. It is during the test marketing phase that will reveal issues in the supply chain, logistics channels, and very quickly the issues around on time delivery vs costs will be an important element for review before a full product launch. With GloCAL we will be able to assess your specific supply chain requirements from point of origin, to entry into the USA and distribution internally within the USA.

      For more information on getting started contact one of our Exporting to the USA experts at sales@iffelinternational.com


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