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      eCommerce online sales tax SOS package

      • Posted On: June 15, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      US eMerchants may just face their biggest nightmare in the coming weeks or months due in light of a new legislation to enforce online sales tax. Iffel is mindful that many small to medium size eMerchants may not have the right infrastructure established, to incorporate the new regulations. Throw the notion of nexus into the mix and some may decide this is all too hard and close down. Iffel International has developed an SOS eMerchant Package, where CEO and Founder, Hema Dey has gone through a list of tough questions, met with the relevant trusted advisors within her GloCAL committee, and of recent times formed a coalition making  GloCAL a premier eCommerce powerhouse.

      Iffel has put together an “SOS eMerchant Program” to get prepared for the upcoming changes. We have put together the mathematical model by zip code, nexus modeling, along with a string of eCommerce state of the art technology to provide a boost for eMerchants, in this dynamic and growing sector. “My personal goal is to see small to medium size eBusinesses succeed as we all know, they will stimulate the US economy going forward” says Ms. Dey. Putting up barriers like enforcing online sales tax may be a short-term challenge for many but Iffel is here to support and nurture further growth through a hybrid of low and high risk eCommerce solutions.

      “The risk for some of these small to medium size eMerchants is going out of business”, says Ms. Dey. She continues to say that, “whilst the big boys like the idea of going forward with online sales tax, I want every other eMerchant to establish a sustainable platform which will be able to handle changes in the eCommerce world”. Online sales tax is one major change  but many are underestimating the need to get mobile savvy. Iffel is an eCommerce powerhouse with solutions in every facet. “The eCommerce powerhouse program includes, a combo of getting eMerchants, online sales tax ready, mobile savvy, legally protected, sales focused with competitive payment processing, warehousing and distribution” says Ms. Dey.

      At the end of the day, eMerchants should not feel stuck, stranded or crippled by change. We will listen to your case and provide solutions where possible. The eCommerce world is expected to grow 10% year on year, over the next 5 years. Iffel is empowered to do just that, assist you with eBusiness growth. For more information contact Marc Rodriguez at marc@iffelinternational.com

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