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      Digital Marketing Training and Funding

      • Posted On: June 27, 2018
      • Category: CMO Tips
      • Posted By: admin

      Do you have a team of digital marketing folks who are craving digital marketing training?

      Digital marketing can be very daunting and it truly requires someone with a tertiary qualification in marketing and search engine optimization to understand what has to be done. It is perhaps an engineering job that is tarnished by the fluffy perception marketing has in most peoples minds. Google keeps us on our toes with constant updates, new rules, and mandates that if we don’t follow as marketers, will hurt us.

      In saying that there are elements of it which are most creative in nature, where someone who can write content, or create social media post be trained to feed into a digital marketing machine. Now the ultimate goal here is to help websites rank on the first page of Google to generate leads and ultimately new business. Getting on the first page can be done organically through search engine optimization or online advertising such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc….

      Therefore our training program will address:

      1. A basic understanding of what marketing is, and what digital marketing consist of. A lot of technician level folks in marketing have no idea why they do certain things because they have not looked at the bigger picture, the larger sales strategy and where the dots connect between their hard work and what matters the most – new leads and ultimately sales. So the first step is teaching your marketing team how to dissect the sales and marketing strategy, how it is administered and what the ultimate prize catch will be.
      2. The formulation of keyword strategy is next, once the overall sales and marketing become clear, the team will learn how to develop keywords, formulate strategies around the keyword and simulate strategies around search engine optimization, social media, and online advertising. The focus here is to connect the keyword list into content strategies that are in line with Google’s mandates.
      3. The third phase of training is analytics. Analytics play a huge role in digital marketing and guess what, the numbers don’t lie. There are many avenues to collect data and whilst it may seem like some marketers rattle off numbers, it does not mean they understand what the numbers actually mean. Many seem to know a lot but fail to apply:
        1. Fixes to their overall digital marketing strategy
        2. Fixes to keyword formulation
        3. Fixes to content
        4. Fixes to Google Indexing
        5. Fixes to Social Media strategy
        6. Fixes to Ad Campaigns
        7. Fixes to an eMail marketing blast
        8. Adjustments to marketing budgets

      Training of this scale requires qualified and experienced marketers who understand the fundamentals of marketing but are savvy enough on the technical front – but most importantly have a sales mindset. At Iffel International our CMO’s are able to produce training sessions that will enrich and empower your sales and marketing teams. We can also review strategies and provide on the job training. We can provide a tertiary level program that is customized for your internal organization, but we reserve the right to test and pre-test employees to see if they are ready for the different technical training that is required.

      Companies often get to this point and say yes, we would like to have training like this but what about the cost. Iffel International has access to programs that are provided by the State of California, there are programs that depending on the company type that you are, you may qualify to fund training per employee. And yes it comes from the State of California. We also several other programs where we can facilitate and assist in getting you funding where required. For more information please contact our office at 855 433 3522 or contact us HERE

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