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      A Culture is required to ACCEPT CHANGE!

      • Posted On: October 28, 2014
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      By Iffel International Inc.

      Lets  make this as simple to digest as possible…..you have probably worked with many marketing professionals, either fell in love with their work or simply ran for the hills! Well let us introduce yet another marketing team based in Los Angeles who love clients from California, the rest of the USA and Globally!

      A Culture is required to ACCEPT CHANGE!

      Everyday in this era of digital marketing things are changing and they are changing fast. Don’t shoot the messenger i.e. your marketing professional. The good ones will relay the changes and it is up to you as a CEO or business owner to embrace the facts. Key here is do you have that messenger – your marketing professional?

      Did you know?

      1. As of this minute you can be empowered to track the behavior(s) of  your potential buyer, yes through the internet and entice them to be your client without stalking them?
      2. What about giving your sales team warm leads? Yup this applies to b2b companies too!. Instead of buying “dead end” databases you could be sending the sales team qualified warm leads.
      3. Entice, delight and charm existing customers automatically without stalking them to come back over and over again. Why would not do this? Kiss good bye to direct mail marketing or telemarketing.

      If you are intrigued and want to know more, Iffel International provides custom solutions for all of the above, we are a full service marketing department. We keep up with new trends but apply traditional marketing to each and every case to ensure the rudiments of marketing and sales are not forgotten. If you want to jump on an exciting journey to grow your business we will not only build your website(s) but will create solutions using cutting edge technology in online marketing.

      We have had to accept change and bow to the powers to be in the world of internet marketing. Let us help you get on board with the culture of change, a culture of always being a front runner as oppose to a follower in this era of digital marketing.

      For more information contact: CEO Hema Dey, hema@iffelinternational.com


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