COVID-19 Business Support

Is your business disrupted by Covid-19 a.k.a. Coronavirus? We are here to provide your business with support as you move from an office environment to remote work stations and remote consultations with your clients.

If you are experiencing the following issues at work, we can help:

  1. Your team is now working remotely
  2. Your personal sales teams are now unable to fly
  3. Trade show investments are now a HUGE lost due to cancellations
  4. In-Person Training programs are on hold
  5. Your clients are unable to visit your office
  6. Your international marketing program is disrupted with supply chain issues and travel that’s on hold

Solutions we provide

Client interaction remotely:

  • We will set up the technology for you and your clients to continue business remotely.
  • We will coach and help guide your clients so you can conduct business as usual, but remotely.
  • We will coach your teams on how to use the technology effectively.

Team Remote Workstations:

  • If you want to continue working with your teams, talk to us about getting them set up. We will teach your teams on how to work remotely and efficiently.
  • Run project meetings and hit deadlines as if everyone was in the office.

Business Types:

  • Law Firms
  • Medical Offices
  • Businesses with sales teams across the USA
  • Business with sales teams internationally

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