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      Branding and SEO for B2B Marketing

      • Posted On: December 07, 2017
      • Category: CMO Tips
      • Posted By: admin

      Branding and SEO

      By Hema Dey, Chief Marketing Officer, Iffel International, Inc.

      B2B Marketing, in the world of eCommerce (not just shopping carts), has twice the sales revenue of B2C Marketing, so do it right! BRANDING and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have to work together; athere are just no two ways about it!

      Fire your Marketing Manager, Consultant or SEO person right now if they aren’t collaborating BRANDING and SEO as part of an integrated, cohesive strategy! I have seen too many projects where traditional marketers can’t get their head around BRANDING and SEO and leave that vital component out of their marketing strategy; CEOs, this is definite grounds for firing! If you are head of marketing or an external marketing consultant for a firm, it is important you incorporate BRANDING and SEO as a hybrid strategy. If you don’t know how to APPLY SEO into your BRANDING strategy, get us involved; we will either do it for you or coach you on how to do it, but do not deprive your business of this dual strategy. .

      Don’t get me wrong, BRANDING is a vital component of marketing, but gone are the days of just thinking and talking and brainstorming within the team. You not only have to consider from within i.e. WHY you are in business, but also LOOK OUT at what is happening on search engines for similar businesses, also known as your COMPETITION! There is a lot going on out there and GOOGLE has set serious mandates around what you can and cannot do. Sure, you can name/brand something, but how does that something play into the hands of bots and search engines? Could there be a negative impact? Or will it quickly race up to the first page of Google?

      Combining BRANDING and SEO is important when shaping technical specifications for your website. If you are only thinking about how good it looks, you are only 50% right. Structuring your website is key; the site map and overall architecture play into the WHY of your business, but should be created in such a way that bots are able to crawl meticulously, learn more about you and your business and pick up on the fresh new content you are writing. If you make it hard for the bots, you’re not going to be their best friend. As a result, it will take a long time for you to get ranked and maybe never ranked. In the meantime, your competitors are being searched, found and leads are being generated.

      Please consider firing anyone that tells you otherwise because the cost of not integrating BRANDING and SEO is:

      1. Lost internet business opportunities which translates to a loss in new sales revenue
      2. Since it takes 6-12 months to get ranked, you are losing valuable time, resulting in a compounding loss of sales per month and then years
      3. The need to invest and re-invest in your website structure, which could end up being thousands of dollars

      So you don’t know much about how to create a hybrid strategy with BRANDING and SEO; you have read a little and dabbled in it, but it was a mind numbing experience. You need to get us involved. We are genuine white hat SEO folks, who genuinely care about our clients’ performance. We work to empower consultants and executives, not take their jobs from them. We make and create winning partnerships. Avoid getting fired! Create value for your clients. Take away the fear and start your dialogue with us.

      I have personally applied all my marketing text book knowledge, sales experience and technical knowledge to create winning results for my clients. I want to add value to every single business out there who is struggling to get their head around BRANDING and SEO. My WHY is simply, to create lasting relationships by providing genuine, hands on technical marketing directives so that businesses are given the opportunity to grow. My ASK is for you to listen, to embrace and to simply enjoy the ride – don’t fight the 800 pound Gorilla – GOOGLE!

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