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      Boosting jobs in the local CA economy…..

      • Posted On: October 17, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin


      Imports Into the United States Generate

      New Jobs and Boost the Local Economy

      The decline of American manufacturing over the past three decades often puts the focus on exports, and we sometimes lose sight of the benefits of other countries importing to the United States. Millions of products passing into the United States generate jobs and dollars for our economy and the Inland Empire is taking advantage of this trend.

      Established in 2011, Riverside’s Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) shuttles global companies through a “superhighway” for expedited customs and immigration inspection at the Port of Long Beach. Once here, companies need sites from which to distribute their products, and employees to work at those sites. One example is the huge German discount supermarket chain Aldi that is locating a $55 million regional headquarters and distribution center in Moreno Valley. Aldi, the parent company of Aldi stores and the Number One consumer-rated Trader Joe’s, anticipates that several hundred jobs will be created through the project.

      Overseas companies also find that manufacturing locally can save time and cost when they harvest the full benefits of the FTZ program such as tax incentives on import and sales tax, reduced fees on Customs duties and tariffs, and incentives and lower cost alternatives to set up manufacturing. Manufacturers exports account for 10% of the direct jobs in this region, with further growth expected in the future.

      With eCommerce growing at 10% annually in the U.S., Riverside is a perfect location to set up distribution and transportation to support organic sales growth. Iffel International, a global marketing and logistics company, champions online sales and marketing campaigns for global companies for both b2b and b2c clients.

      Global companies seeking to tap into the U.S. market should do the research and take advantage of the many benefits available. Importing goods without having a resource such as the FTZ to assist in navigating the logistics of entry requirements and transaction costs needn’t be costly!

      Hema Dey is the CEO and Chief Marketing Strategist of Iffel International, Inc., a global marketing and logistics company focused on designing custom strategies for global companies seeking to expand their presence in the United States.


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