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      B2B Ecommerce Strategies for New Zealand Exporters

      • Posted On: July 20, 2019
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Hema Dey keynote at Export New Zealand Breakfast in Christchurch

      Hema Dey delivered a wealth of information and strategies for B2B ecommerce to New Zealand businesses interested in increasing their B2B footprint with the USA. Ms. Dey, CMO at Iffel International, spoke at an Export New Zealand conference last week entitled US Market Trends: Innovation and AgriTech, co-sponsored by the Canterbury Employer’s Chamber of Commerce.

      Though the conference was geared towards New Zealand’s AgriTech sector, there was a diverse range of businesses present. Every business can benefit from the skills and strategies Iffel utilizes to grow and optimize B2B ecommerce marketing.

      Among the strategies Ms. Dey addressed were: 1. Compliance with Google; 2. Creating laser-focused messaging to the US market; and 3. Adapting SEO2Sales strategies to the US market by connecting the dots between branding and messaging. Iffel International is a FULL-service digital marketing agency that can offer a holistic and comprehensive approach to increasing B2B and B2C market-share, boosting SEO2Sales, and offering customized strategies for any business. Some of the key takeaways were how Google can be used for solutions and technology marketing. Utilized properly, it can create visibility in US markets for New Zealand’s innovations. It’s a perfect tool to use as part of a greater online business development program aimed at screening and securing potential customers and business opportunities.

      Markets are changing and marketing must quickly adapt. Fifty percent of B2B search queries are made on smartphones. Millenials are decision makers in the B2B eCommerce space and therefore strategies need to be tailored towards their buying behaviors. Consumers and businesses want instant responses; the expectation is to fulfill an ‘I want it now’ mentality. Ms. Dey offered digital marketing tips, geared specifically towards New Zealand businesses aiming themselves at US markets. As always, content is key; it must be current, laser-focused, frequently-updated, and on brand. She also offered advise specifically geared towards companies looking to start operations in the US in order to build US clientele, specifically visa-related advice. Iffel’s partnership with the Office of Foreign Trade in Riverside County provides opportunities for Kiwi exporters to navigate setting up operations in a Free Trade Zone environment not far from Los Angeles. Ms. Dey has been a partner with the Office of Foreign Trade for the last 7 years.

      Through Ms. Dey’s comprehensive understanding of both New Zealand and US markets, the team at Iffel International is able to offer the best strategies for your business. Iffel International is the ideal hub and partner for all New Zealand’s businesses’ exports to the United States.

      Serious New Zealand exporters who want to open up sales channels using B2B eCommerce are welcome to consult with the team at Iffel International. Ms. Dey is a World Class New Zealander who has a real passion for fostering trade opportunities between New Zealand and USA. Initial consults are complimentary.

      For a copy of her presentation contact us HERE

      Other Frequently Asked Information from New Zealand companies:

      New Zealand companies wanting to recruit engineering or technical roles should discuss job specifications with engineering recruiters and headhunters at Integress Inc., they cover top management to skilled engineering talent without any upfront fees. They can recruit male and female engineering candidates for all types of engineering and technical roles, temporary staffing across the USA. Their offices are in Southern California and Chicago.

      For all 3PL warehousing and distribution services connect with Westset Logistics and Distribution. Iffel has been long time partners with them and can facilitate introductions as and when required. Their sister company is Total Transportation and Distribution who provide LTL trucking services throughout Southern California.

      For Long Haul, Low-Cost LTL trucking, and transportation, we highly recommend Clear Lane Freight. If you want to get pallet loads from the east to the west coast of the USA and vice versa, they offer the lowest costs if there is no rush on delivery dates. Excellent services and good ratings. They are well connected with other 3PL’s across the USA as well.

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