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  • Posted On: March 11, 2013
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This blog series has been simply created to make sense of the abundance of information about Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. So, when you decide to pick an SEO Marketing Agency you’re not lead astray by the craziness of it being online. I will share my tips and tricks of the do’s and don’t of anyone who will be using an SEO marketing agency. Remember this is a blog series so it will go on …well until the internet decides to disappear or the world ends, whichever comes first. Also, as a note, I might be harsh, but I like to tell it like it is.

Let me first start off by introducing myself, my name’s Alex and I’m currently the SEO & Internet Marketing Director for Iffel International.  I will be your guide on this journey of knowledge.

Okay now that’s all out of the way, lets take if from the Top! I’m going to first go over the different FAQs I get all the time.

FAQ’s of an SEO Marketing Agency!


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is the art, science, marketing structure whatever you would like to call it, of ranking a website for business in a search engine.

For example: Say your company sells widgets. People are searching for widgets online. Sometimes they search for a local company that makes widgets and sometimes they are searching for any company online that makes widgets. In either case someone is looking for a widget.  Thus, if someone types in “widget manufacturer” your company with some luck and a Good SEO marketing agency will pull up to the top! (We’ll get into more depth later…this is just the FAQs)

Do I need a website to for an SEO marketing agency to rank me?

If you’re a business, you should always have a website. Why? It is the face of your company. Most companies are run out of a garage and they seem big! People give them thousands of dollars worth of business. Why? The company has the presentation and appearance of a large company. Don’t’ worry I’ll be going over websites too, just keep checking back.

My Customers are just local and I don’t really need this…do I?

Do you have competition in the local market, are you a dry cleaner or day spa, Restaurant, Or any local business? Then you need it. There are thousands of searches and queries performed a day in your area. Someone is getting that business, I am sure of it. Unless you have the only water shop in the desert then you better jump on the boat.

How do I get to the top of the Google, Yahoo or Bing Map?

This is something called localized SEO aka Geo-targeted SEO or local SEO service. Some agencies don’t even bother with this, because the marketing efforts are very difficult to perform. We on the other hand will take on new clients and perform local SEO services. Need more info? Then you better click here! Also, yes we abide by the same exact code of ethics and standards for our local SEO services as we do for any of our services.

Can’t I just pay Google, Bing or Yahoo to rank me?

No. If you could pay the search engine’s directly the companies with the most money would always win. This is an even playing field. If you want to pay the search engines, then check out our Online Advertising

Do I really need it?

This all depends. Do you like money? Are you in competition for business? Then yes, you need it.

Will it really benefit me?

SEO can benefit almost any business. You want to rank high and get found. Most businesses would give their left lung to be on the top of any search engine, why? Because a majority of searchers simply will stop at the top 5 listings! That’s right studies have shown that a majority of searchers will stop at the top listings. If you don’t capture that rank, then say good bye to your business.

I sell Widgets, what makes it so you won’t rank my widget making competition?

This is a simple answer. Any Good, Honest and Decent SEO marketing agency will NOT, I repeat NOT take clients that would compete with their existing clients. This is why we follow a strict code of ethics as an SEO marketing agency. Other companies, well I can’t speak for them. Some will take any joe-shmoe down the street and all of their competition with them. So, watch out for a company that has some low rates.

 Another company promises to rank me, they even give a guarantee

STOP! Do not answer them or pay them a single penny! There is no, absolutely NO guarantees in SEO. Google, Bring, Yahoo never discloses any of their information on algorithms (the code that tells the system which website will rank and which will not).  Even the authorities at Google state not to trust any “guarantee” company, they probably just want your money.

If there is no “guarantee” then why would you take me as a client?

I’m way ahead of you on this question. We don’t take on every client that knocks at our door. As any ethical SEO marketing agency would do, we do a full intensive analysis of your website, business and keywords. We won’t just take you on as a client and hope for the best. We will decide if your business is:

  1. A good client for us. Yes, like I said, we won’t just take on any company as their SEO marketing agency. We have to do an evaluation. This is like dating. We don’t just marry them for the money. We have our reputation to uphold here.
  2. Our work will truly benefit your company. This means that we do our due diligence on the work involved
Some guy will do this for ½ the cost?

Really, is this guy a one man show? Or does he have a team of individuals that will work on your case, create a complete strategy and do a full analysis? Most SEO marketing agencies consist of one man shows. They will eventually run into no time to actually work on your case. Lately it’s been a while and you’re paying them a monthly retainer and when you cancel, they’re gone. Now you’ve lost time and money. Good luck trying to get that back.

Why would I want to pay someone to do it for me? There’s a lot of information online…

How many millions of things do you have to do for your business every day? Do you truly have the time, energy and the resources to take this project into your own hands? An SEO full-time, in-house can charge his rate! Meaning most of them are at least $45-210/hour. Why would you want to do this? The overhead! The workers compensation and taxes on your business will really weigh you down! This is why you use an SEO marketing agency such as us! Yes, I will continue to brag about how we do things differently!

I think I can have my secretary or marketing manager do this

If you think your secretary knows how to do keyword competitive research, create a complete strategy to grow your business in SEO. Then, you are way underpaying her and you better give him/her a raise! If your marketing manager went to school, spent years researching and has a complete team to create strategies, well then you’re good to go. Otherwise… click on the green button below and get a FREE yes that’s right FREE (No credit cards, bank info, first born sons, etc. needed!) 15 minute phone consultation.

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