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      4PL Iffel’s news from Go Global, New Zealand 2013

      • Posted On: June 07, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Garry Reynolds, Managing Director of the Resources Guys, and Intellectual Property Specialist was one of the panel speakers on the USA breakout sessions at Go Global 2013. Hema Dey, CEO of Iffel International, who spoke last year was unable to attend due to prior engagements with other exporters, back in Los Angeles.

      Garry, and Hema have worked together since 1996, in the New Zealand technology sector. They both share a common passion to assist Kiwi Exporters succeed in off shore markets. Garry who is a previous New Zealand Beachhead Advisor, Director and Board member for various technology companies in New Zealand, spoke about, how important it is to understand your customer base first before plunging into exporting to the USA. The  upfront research and understanding of the market, with specific sector focus is key and many businesses try to bypass this exercise because it is seen as a cost and not an investment.

      “It can take up to 4 to 5 initial meetings before the relationship is somewhat sealed” says Garry. Kiwi exporters who may not have the capital to invest into this type of exercise have options by using a 4PL service and marketing specialist like Iffel International in doing the ground work. Iffel is able to take a business model, validate it in the market using some very simple but effective tools. The Iffel Los Angeles, office is set-up as a virtual incubator for Kiwi start-up exporters, or a virtual beachhead for those who are established and are wanting to grow in the USA market.

      Iffel has formed a strategic alliance with 3PL’s and has formed GloCAL (Global & SoCAL), a Trusted Advisory Board, to provide functional advice and solutions for all exporters to the USA. This includes, answering key questions such as:

      1. Where is your next SALE coming from?
      2. What type of legal entity needs to be set-up for trading purposes?
      3. How do you map out an optimal logistics and supply chain model for the North American market?
      4. With eCommerce growing in the USA, what Omnichannel strategy is required?
      5. What needs to be done with online marketing requirements for the USA such as SEO, Social Media, Websites, eCommerce, Payment Gateways and Mobile Commerce?
      6. What Legal and Tax issues are relevant?
      7. Immigration issues for Kiwi executives who may want special visa’s to live and work in the USA
      8. What Patent, Trademark or Copyright issues need to be addressed?
      9. What HR and staffing requirements may be required?
      10. What online sales tax structure to apply if you have an eCommerce business?

      All of the tough questions have been mapped out and the answers are ready for any exporter wanting to expand into the USA market. For more information contact Marc Rodriguez at marc@iffelinternational.com


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