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Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) is the greatest and most secure method of advertising for your business. It’s Easier, Smarter and Better than Pay Per Click Advertising for eCommerce sites.

What is Pay-Per-Sale Advertising?

You know you have to advertise in order to increase your business, but you simply just don’t have the money to do it! So, how are you doing to do it? Well we’re glad you asked that question. Many of our customers have eSites or eCommerece websites. They have the capability to sell anywhere in the US or even internationally. The problem with many of them is that they have a very limited budget and may not have the ability to come up with thousands of dollars of ad spend upfront. Thus, Iffel offers a way to advertise without having to come up with thousands of dollars of budgets.

Unlike like normal Pay Per Click advertising you do not have to pay any upfront budgets. The only time you have to pay is when something is sold! Our team of experts will build and place your advertisements throughout the net for you.


  • What Does Pay-Per-Sale Do For Your Business?
  • Pay-Per-Sale means you can increase your business without having to pay for clicks.
  • No Pay-Per-Click Budgets to Manage!
  • You don’t pay for competitors looking at your links!
  • All of your ads are created by our professional graphic design team!
  • All ads are strategically placed, keeping in mind your brand and company image!
  • Get monthly reports on sales!
  • This is the Ultimate Advertising Method!

Contact us and get a free 15 minute consultation! That’s right, no second mortgages required! (855) 433-3522 or click on the link below! Your Marketing Department is waiting!


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